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The Osgood File. Sponsored in part by LiftMaster Garage Door Openers. Use your smartphone to open or close your garage door anytime from anywhere. This is Charles Osgood.

We're past the cliff now - sort of dangling over it. In a moment, a song to Congress...

((( BREAK )))

( Osgood on Keyboard )

Call them irresponsible.
Isn't it demonstrable?
Throw in great self-righteousness, too.
Do their foolish alibis bore you?
Well, it doesn't matter -
they'll just ignore you.

It's all so political -
and so hypocritical.
Nothing they have to say seems true.
Their motives, we've long suspected,
are getting re-elected
to those seats where they've sat.
And they're very good at that.

In no mood concessional,
membership Congressional
might just buy us a moon of blue.
As what we're entitled to,
someone will have to pay -
maybe your kids and mine someday.

Call that indefensible -
even reprehensible.
Maybe they're in the mode
to kick the can down the road.

That's what is being said,
so watch out for that road ahead.

The Osgood File. This is Charles Osgood on the CBS Radio Network.
Charles Osgood
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